Sassy Sam's Samoyeds

Bo x Harley Puppies and their new owners

Born on May 6, 2022

6 boys and 1 girl

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On the way back to the airport

to head to Sitka, Alaska

Taylor and Blue Boy. 

Sitka, Alaska

Taylor and Blue Boy. 

Blue Boy killing the big bad bear.

Blue Boy telling owner Mary a secret.

Pink Girl, Luna, 

just waitin' patiently and lookin' pretty.

Purple Boy, Jezza, just chillin'.

Red Boy, Dreamer,

Will you play with me???

Red Boy, Dreamer, time out.

Red Boy, Dreamer

Green Boy, Enzo, Laughing at

one of Jorge's jokes.

Green Boy, Enzo, They told me this was his sibling.  I think they might have had different fathers.

Silver Boy, Ozzy in doggie jail.  LOL!

Silver Boy, Ozzy, I'm not spoiled much....

Silver Boy, Ozzy,

So what are you looking at???

Yellow Boy, Argon

But it was so much fun......

I'm just a little dirty.

Yellow Boy, Argon

All tuckered out........  zzzzzz