Sassy Sam's Samoyeds

The Beginning

        The Legacy

What started as a dream turned into a family affair.

Sassy Sams was founded by Vicki Nolte in 1986 after several years of research and a little luck.  The interest in Samoyeds was sparked with in 1972 when a neighbor moved in next door with a Samoyed named Suzie.  Deciding that some day she wanted to have one she started carefully planning and researching breed lines.

It was finally decided to go to Polar Mist owned by Lynette Hansen (now Blue) and located (at the time) in Libby, Montana.  Vicki put down a deposit on a little girl out of Ch Ice Way's Ice Breaker and Ch Polar Mist Naughty Angel.  The breeding produced 6 puppies and of those only 2 were girls.  One was already promised to another person and the other Lynette planned to keep for herself.  Disappointed, Vicki decided to be patient and wait for the next Naughty Angel litter.  She did not have to wait long, because it turned out, Lynette decided not to keep hers and called Vicki to see if she was still interested.  This little puppy went on to become Ch Polar Mist Sassy Angel C.D. (Angel), the foundation bitch for Sassy Sams.

Angel was bred to CH Frostyacres DBL Echo of Westwind, producing a litter of all boys. Vicki kept one and named him Sassy Sam's Hotshot Lover Bear (Bear).  Bringing a little color to the kennel, Bear was just like his sire, predominately biscuit.  Vicki's oldest daughter, Carrie and Bear formed a team and Bear was Carrie's primary competition dog.  Carrie competed in 4-H and AKC events with both Bear and Angel.  Carrie was to put obedience titles on both dogs and excelled through the 4-H classes.

The second litter Angel produced was a pairing with Shekinah's Beraka of Aimee.  It produced a litter of all girls.  Once again Vicki kept a puppy naming her Sassy Sam's Beraka Baby (Rockette).  Vicki's other daughter, Cindy quickly became attached and Rockette was to be Cindy's primary dog.  Cindy competed and was very successful in 4-H and AKC events, just like her mother and her sister.  She was able to attain an obedience title on Rockette.

From these three dogs Sassy Sams was founded.  Vicki has continued breeding, trying to improve with each generation and striving to produce puppies that perform well in all arenas.  Starting with conformation, Sassy Sams has went on to compete in obedience, junior showmanship, agility, herding, pack hiking, weight pull and Rally.

The kennel is evolving and continuing in the family tradition.  Carrie's oldest daughter, Autumn, and son, Brody, have picked up the leash and started their own journey showing dogs.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Sassy Sams and the dogs that are yet to come.

A winning family lineup: 

Carrie wins Best of Winners, Vicki with Best of Opposite Sex and Cindy with Select Dog.

It all started with a woman, a red Pinto stationwagon

and a little ball of fluff from Montana.